Why Ginger is So Magical!

A lot of you are stumped when trying to figure out how to incorporate ginger into your daily diet. With all the antioxidants and anti-immflamtory components ginger has, everyone should be using ginger on a daily basis. It's really an all around best health and beauty food. It can help promote detoxification, elevate metabolism, immunity and warms your insides without being too overabundant. I know many of you are unsure how to exactly work with ginger, and I'm here to show you how.

First off, when looking for ginger, organic ginger root is always your best option. Choose one that feels firm and has an overall light brown color with a subtle ginger aroma when smelling it. You don't want any ginger that is soft or has dark brown spots, that may be a sign of expiration or mold! Once your home, ginger can be stored unpeeled, in the fridge, you can wrap it in paper towel or a plastic baggie. This will ensure optimal freshness. A little ginger goes a long way! So no need to buy bulk amounts of it or use the whole thing all at once. Literally think, 1 to 2 tablespoons in weight of ginger per serving.

Peeling the ginger isn't always necessary, the skin actually has a spicy flavor that is beneficial for soups or warm dishes. If your steeping ginger in a tea, which is great for detoxification, I would peel off most of the skin, then thinly slice or grate it into your warm water. Steep, and then strain before enjoying! It's an amazing way to boost immunity and beauty and is wonderful with a squeeze of lemon juice or turmeric to spice up the flavor!

In the Ayurveda world, ginger is a warming spice which heats your body from the inside out! Along with these metabolism boosting benefits, ginger fights mucous, reduces inflammation, calms the digestive system and increases blood circulation. You can add it to salad dressings, steamed veggies, or even nut or olive pates!

Ginger has a list of health benefits that we all should be aware of, from antioxidant activity, anti-blood clotting, cancer inhibition, blood pressure, immunity, motion sickness & morning sickness for all you expecting mommies!

Don't be afraid of a little ginger my lovely's!