Get Your Maca On

Has anyone ever heard of MACA? We love this wonderful beauty of an ingredient, we add it to our desserts, smoothies, chocolates & more! It's sweet and nutty and left me surprised when I found out all of its benefits. At first, I thought maca came from a fruit plant and that it was too sweet to be good for me, let alone have a reaping list of benefits that were literally jaw dropping! After lots of diligent reading and research, maca became a good friend of Green Table Cafe.

Maca comes from the high Andes, grown well above 12,000 feet. These harsh growing environments is just one single test for maca's stamina and endurance. It's relatives to the potato and radish family, actually making maca a 'root veggie'. Despite it's growing conditions of bipolar temperatures, violent winds, below freezing night temperatures, and violent sunlight, maca still manages to be one of the oldest, strongest, and most nutritionally dense superfoods. Some people even call it Nature's Viagra!

Now, that got your attention right? One cold evening home, I came across a little inspiration recipe for Energy-Boosting Maca Truffles. Like every recipe I come across, I use similar ingredients and make it my own creation. One thing, of course, I left in was this maca that the recipe blog was raving about. Rich in amazing energy, good fats, blood sugar-balancing pieces, and not to mention with CHOCOLATE. Yum! Count me in!

Maca is an adaptogenic root that helps your body handle stress. It's known for increasing libido and is nourishing to the adrenals. It's a rich complex carbohydrate and consists of 10% protein and 19 amino acids. It's also very high in B vitamins, particularly B1 and B2, which hand in hand boost energy and help with stress. The list goes on with what maca contains, calcium (triples compared to milk), potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and E, significant amounts of iron, zinc, iodine and it carries a great source of fiber and essential fatty acids.

Back in early 1600 b.c. the Incan civilization used maca for it's medicinal purposes. And to this day, Peruvians use it as a herbal remedy to increase fertility, mood, stamina, and endurance. The list goes on! Here on just a few of the benefits maca promotes:

- increases energy, stamina and athletic performances

- improves memory, concentration, and mental alertness

- alleviates depressions and enhances mood

- Natural aphrodisiac

- Balances endocrine system, hormones and thyroid function

- Concentrated source of iron, fights anemia

- Enhances sexual functions in both men and women

Sounds too good to be true right? I thought the same thing! But here's how the magical maca works: because maca is an adaptogen, it restores our bodies natural balance and vitality, meaning it helps to restore balance within the entire body system. By correcting any imbalances in the body, it brings us back to a state of homeostasis. The body becomes more efficient, and the results are seen through increased energy, mental alertness, concentration, and a feeling of overall well-being.

So next time you get your hands on some maca, remember all it's benefits! It's typically sold in a powder form, which is great to add to smoothies, desserts, or breakfast cereals! The positive results of this beneficial superfood may pleasantly surprise you! So go ahead, Get Your Maca On! And don't forget Do It With LOVE!