Here's Why..You Are What You Eat!

Holistic nutrition has always been a passion of mine, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I am obsessed with healing your body from the inside with the way that you eat. And it's pretty simple, ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? Well, it's true! You become what you eat. For example, ever feel sluggish, tired and lazy after consuming a cooked, heavy, maybe grain or carbohydrate dominate meal? Let me explain that to you, consuming cooked foods gives you no room for optimal nutrition absorption. Foods that are cooked over 110 degrees literally have the life sucked out of them. By cooking foods you rob any whole food from it's natural state. This makes is harder for your organs to digest and doesn't give your body the nutrition it's looking for when eating a meal. So, still feel satisfied after that bowl of pasta? Or those deep fried sweet potato fries?

Now-a-day's theres so many options for the alternative, a living plant-based lifestyle! Instead of having that pasta you've been craving, there's amazing recipes for raw, vegan zucchini pasta, which uses fresh raw vegetables as the substitute for noodles. Still craving those fried sweet potato fries? Not to worry! We're not cutting you out in extremes, try steaming your sweet potatoes on lower temperatures to retain some nutrients, and when eating a cooked food item, always aim for a nice big green salad first! We recommend 80% raw food, and 20% cooked foods for your meals.

Finally, getting to the main topic of this discussion, plant-based, raw, whole foods are the life to your living. Without a diet in plant-based, raw foods you could be leading you body to a self-destructive state. It has been stated by the American Institute for Cancer Research, that "Diets that revolve around whole plant foods—vegetables, whole grains, fruits and beans—cut the risks of many cancers, as well as other diseases significantly." With all the rising rates for diabetes, heart attacks, cancers, etc., I think it's time we open our eyes a little and realized that we can start healing by one of the main things we do in our daily and constant lives, Watch What You Eat!

YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THIS! Processed foods and beverages have become a commonplace for people so often that we don't see what they really are anymore. We think that these artificial food substances are actually real foods, but how are our bodies digesting these foreign food substances? The problem lies in getting people to change the foods they eat. And we are here to help, inspire, educate and welcome a plant-based lifestyle!

Don't let yourself become another one of these statistics:

"Most Americans consume highly processed and refined foods that accelerate the rate of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Additionally, the obesity rate and type 2 diabetes in adults and children has become a national epidemic primarily due to these refined and processed foods. It is estimated that an American born in 2000 has a one in three chance of developing diabetes in his or her lifetime, and the risk is even greater for a Hispanic American or African American. Furthermore, it is estimated that 80 percent of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented by a change in diet and exercise."