GTC Nutrition Outlook

          First off, let's start off with the famous quote by Hippocrates, "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food." For all you straight forwarders, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Times are changing, research is done, and the facts are pouring out for you. Medical minds have changed lives, transforming people's diagnosises - eating a plant-based diet and drinking fresh, raw, vegetable and fruit juices is the gateway to optimal health and vitality. You don't need to follow all these fad diets, protein obsessions, and diets of starvation/low-fat/no-fat/no carb. What we are trying to spread is NOT A DIET, it's not something you challenge yourself with, fail, give up, or simply let fade out. We are talking about a lifestyle, the lifestyle that nature intended for use - one that creates real lasting health and happiness. This lifestyle works from the inside out to create a lean, energetic, strong and healthy physique while maintaining a radiant glow. 


          Today's biggest complication amongst people is that we've been sidetracked by convenience and steered away from the concept of REAL LIVING FOOD ever since the post-WWII era brought in a world of toxic, chemically-latent convenience foods. Lets not get caught in the past! Many of us are waking up and realizing that we need our vegetables, we need to consume them raw, drink our green juice and discovering how eating a wholesome nutritious diet can change more than just the way we look, but the way we live as well. This lifestyle is sustainable for the planet, non-harming to animals, and makes you feel great from the inside-out! Not only are we true-believers, but experts who have done substantial research are backing us up. Research the documentaries, read the articles, on plant-based lifestyles, and what cooked-processed foods and meats are doing globally to our world. Every time you do so, you will embody a bit more of the message and a shift will naturally occur in your daily routine. You may not notice at first, but it's all pushing you in the right direction. 


         If your not a true-believer in our concept, we're not worried. If you think we're hippies from down-under, grass-eating bunny rabbits, or tree-hugging health nuts, ask us some questions. Drink some of our juices, feel what these cleanses do to your mind, body and spirit. Then come back, read a little more, drink a little more juice...and realize this Good Life we speak of is waiting for you. 


        Take a little time for reflection, as yourself these questions: What is it that is making your skin or hair dull or shiny? Your muscles recover fast or slow or even what makes your waist line big or small? What makes you prone to illnesses? What makes you feel sluggish throughout your day or when you wake up in the morning? It's pretty simple, it's all about what you put into your mouth. Food & drink. You put something into you mouth and then the complicated, yet amazing systems of the body break it down and decide what to do with it. The efficiency and effectiveness of that process is contingent on what you are putting into your body. The basic concept is always the same: put crap in, look and feel crappy. Put good stuff in, look and feel great. 


         To get more on a scientific level, lets talk about the systems of our body. It's all a cellular process. Every part of your body is constantly regenerating. Your skin regenerates every 21-28 days and your blood every 4-6 weeks. Give yourself a full 7 years, and every cell in your body will be fully regenerated. Your food and what you drink is the fuel that your body uses to regenerate these cells. Without the most optimal nutrition, your body doesn't have to energy to regenerate itself. When the fuel you put into your body is in the form of processed or chemically additive foods, such as fatty foods, animal products, sugary treats, artificial sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates, your body is then starved for nutrients. If you do have nutrients stored in your body, it's still unable to effectively process them because of all the pollution that's been building up inside. We begin to store this build-up of chemical waste from processed foods and chemically tainted meats/dairy/eggs and veggies.






          The sugars are also a HUGE problem in our processed foods as they destroy the beneficial flora in your guy and contribute to a weakened immune system and weakened metabolic process. This weakness results in sluggish digestion, sluggish excrement and sluggish nervous system and brain systems. And who wants to feel SLUGGISH from the inside out? Not us! 


       The refined sugars also result in boosts of glucose levels and insulin levels in the body leading to increased fat storage. So more sugar = more fat = a sluggish fat self. Your arteries become clogged with cholesterol and plaque builds up. Undigested particles of meat adhere to the intestinal lining and are left to rot. Ultimately you end up with a backup of metabolic waste that is basically, rotting away your insides while leading you down a long, unhealthful, tiresome path towards obesity, disease, and probematic living. 


         Certain functions in your body don't even respond to this unhealthy-crappy "fuel" because they are looking for the optimal nutrient dense foods - the vitamins, minerals, oxygen, live enzymes, good bacteria/flora and other phyto-nutrients that can only be found in whole, real, live uncooked natural foods. If these bodily organs don't get what they are looking for, they won't regenerate new healthy cells. Simply, you are starving yourself - not from lack of food - but from a lack of pure nutrition. But don't get caught up in all this, what seems like, negative jargon, because good news, you can change the course of these degenerating cells and give them new life! If you add whole, plant-based foods and juices into your lifestyle than your body can begin to repair, rather than further destroy itself. It's NEVER too late!


      You are the sum total of the foods you have put into your body. You are the etherical body that gives yourself light. You have the opportunity to change the equation, and choose to live, raw and wholesome with the way that you eat! It's a wise choice if you are truly interested in investing to live long and well!


        Benefits of drinking cold-pressed juice.



Raw, whole, plant foods, in their natural state, are the most nutritious and healing foods on the planet. Incorporating more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains, into your lifestyle, will gain you overall health and appearance improvements. 


Did you know that food cooked about 118 degrees F kills all the natural enzymes and up to 80% of the nutrients? Possibly, the laws of nature are trying to tell us something! We know for some, it seems nearly impossible to eat an 100% raw diet, so not to worry, we are here to teach the importance of incorporating some beneficial raw foods into your busy lifestyle, and give you alternatives for cooking. This is not an all or nothing diet, we don't even like the word diet. It's all about moderation, the more you incorporate, the more beneficial it will be for your health. By incorporating plenty of raw vegetables and fruits every day and drinking raw vegetable and fruit juice packed with live enzymes, you are already on your way to a new and improved you!


As a complete source of lvie food enzymes, raw foods are rich in viable nutrients, packed with beneficial fiber, and contain all the amino acids (protein) you need to build muscle tone. The only one-stop shopping for radiant health! There's no saturated fats, chemical additives, cholesterol, refined sugar or any other worrysome crap. It's simple, sweet and complete nutrition. 


Your daily lives require energy. Plants get their energy from the sun. We get our energy from plants. So it's only common sense to realize that your body NEEDS RAW foods. Enzymes represent the vital energy force in plants, and they also represent the vital energy force in your body. You cannot artifically reproduce an enzyme in a lab. Enzymes are a unique life force that are contained within every cell of your body. 


So you can see how the power of enzyme energy is important! It is the life force you need to breathe, blink, think, dance and pwer the body in every way possible.