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Why Choose Green Table Juice?


At Green Table Cafe, we understand what you're looking for and we know that you need certain knowledge about nutrition and how to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to lose weight, or you just want the basic facts on how to start juicing, juice cleansing, or incorporating juices into your daily diet. Well, we've got you covered!



Every sip of our cold-pressed juices will be remembered! Our 100% RAW cold-pressed juices are well-taken care of, from the source of our 100% organic produce farmers, to the quality and time we put into prepping, washing, and cleaning your fruits and vegetables. These juices are nothing but delicious, refreshing, and satisfying. One of the main responses we get from our customers; is that our juices taste so pure and CLEAN! Not to mention, balancing delicious! 



With our juices, we are all about maximum nutrients and fullest flavor with minimum caloric intake. We make sure your cold-pressed juices are packed with a variety of nutrient-dense wholesome ingredients. Each particulicar vegetable, fruit, seed, or spice was chosen specifically for its nutritional benefits and then expertly combined to create the best tasting cold-pressed juices and most efficient cleanses. 



Our cold-pressed juices are 100% RAW, fresh, locally sourced and never heated or processed. Heating and pasteurizing kills life-giving enzymes and nutrients. Drinking raw, cold-pressed juice means you are consuming something LIVE - live with vital energy and live with optimal healing power. The power of live foods is absolutlely and simply transformational. 



We've passionately put all of our knowledge into these juices. So don't worry, we aren't going to leave you in the dark. Have a question, concern or simply just need some guidance? That's why we've created these programs, and why our website and blogs are filled with the top health educator exerpts and readings. The key is to have you feel sufficiently prepped before diving into a new lifestyle of plant-based superfoods and a supplemental daily intake of fresh, organic, RAW juices. We consider ourselves a resourceful guide for helping you transition into a more long-term, plant-based diet, whether its a small step you take or a giant leap. Join us today, thank us later! And don't forget, Do It With LOVE!