L'Arte di Belle Dolci

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Guilt-free...

The art of beautiful pastries..... 


To create something, is to fill it up with passion and let it shine through the light of that devotion.


We have dedicated our craft of vegan desserts for as long as we've dedicated to being vegan. It's a lifestyle that gives you so many benefits, and we've created something AMAZING!


Many of you think of vegan desserts, raw desserts, pastries, etc., well, as dirt, or cardboard, or any of the other many names we've come across..but our desserts do justice! We've even amazed ourselves sometimes with how delicious a creation has evovled into.


We believe in 100% dairy-free, mostly gluten-free, & using only the best foods for you. Not only is it benefiting you and me, but the others around you as well.


We believe our bodies are lactose intolerant and digest vegan milks, butters and creams more efficiently. Becoming vegan is not only beneficial for your own body, but for our planet Earth, the people around us, our children and the knowledge we are trying to spread amongst our community!


We have found it such an accomplishment to create recipes that taste just as good, even better, than the original, while still remaining entirely plant-based and dairy free. It became not only our passion for ourselves, but our mission to share it with everyone around us.