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Pull up a chair and sit down at Green Table Cafe! Started by a husband and wife duo, Led and Britney, it is known as being the first Italian-inspired plant-based restaurants in the nation! It has been said that our food is "seriously tasty" and aside from owning and creating one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, the couple are also life coaches, certified registered Holistic Nutritionist and talented chefs and pâtissiers.

Before the cafe debuted...

I like to keep things updated for Green Table Cafe, seeing the reviews, posts, blogs inspires us to keep going and thriving at our best! We've only been open for almost a year now and things have taken off miraculously. We couldn't be more blessed to see our friends, families and customers enjoying what Green Table Cafe has to offer. We love all the support and will keep things fresh always as promised! 

Check out this wonderful post about how we evolved: 


A lot of you are stumped when trying to figure out how to incorporate ginger into your daily diet. With all the antioxidants and anti-immflamtory components ginger has, everyone should be using ginger on a daily basis. It's really an all around best health and beauty food. It can help promote detoxification, elevate metabolism, immunity and warms your insides without being too overabundant. I know many of you are unsure how to exactly work with ginger, and...

Has anyone ever heard of MACA? We love this wonderful beauty of an ingredient,  we add it to our desserts, smoothies, chocolates & more! It's sweet and nutty and left me surprised when I found out all of its benefits. At first, I thought maca came from a fruit plant and that it was too sweet to be good for me, let alone have a reaping list of benefits that were literally jaw dropping! After lots of diligent reading and research, maca became a good friend of...

Holistic nutrition has always been a passion of mine, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I am obsessed with healing your body from the inside with the way that you eat. And it's pretty simple, ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? Well, it's true! You become what you eat. For example, ever feel sluggish, tired and lazy after consuming a cooked, heavy, maybe grain or carbohydrate dominate meal? Let me explain that to you, consuming cooked foods giv...

I took this article from Hippocratesinst.org, We are avid followers of Dr. Brian Clement, whom shares his knowledge of a plant-based lifestyle and why we all should be raw, vegans. Not only are his messages powerful, but they are inspiring and truthful. They make sense, and are scientifically creditably backed-up. 

This article talks about basic studies of what a raw diets does to you vs. a cooked, non-vegan diet:

Eating nothing but raw, plant-based foods is...

Many of us have heard of this little miracle before, but how many of us are actually know the facts, truths, myths and importance of natures finest medicine.

Let me share my love of this super green juice with you!

First off, why wheatgrass? While sitting here trying to put together all the facts with my thoughts on this superfood, I don't know where to begin! It's that beneficial. Wheatgrass is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Two ounces of wheatgras...

I think it's important to hear from educated, motivational speakers who have a voice in our social media's world. This legend, Paul McCartney took the dive into becoming vegan and now stands strong for what we truly believe in. Not only do we need to become aware that the number one climate disaster, and global issue is the animal slaughter and farm industry, but we need to also know what it's doing to our bodies. Stay tuned for more indepth reasoning, from...

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Green Table Cafe

The creators are life partners and a team in the kitchen, Led and Britney, living in Los Angeles, CA. These two have taken the journey together to become life coaches for those who need guidance, as certified registered Holistic Nutritionists and savvy pâtissiers, their passion becomes stronger and stronger everyday!


5998 W. Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90035


(323) 424-4129


Open Everyday 10am - 7pm


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