About Green Table Cafe

Some may know us previously as, Real Raw Vegan, which started as an online community devoted to adapting a healthy lifestyle that is predominantely plant-based, organic, health-wise, and tasty. From creating recipes, which adapted into beautiful dishes, and posting them on our social media; Green Table Cafe came to life!


The creators are life partners and a team in the kitchen, Led and Britney, living in Los Angeles, CA. These two have taken the journey together to become life coaches for those who need guidance, as certified registered Holistic Nutritionists and savvy pâtissiers, their passion becomes stronger and stronger everyday!


All dishes are vegan, mostly raw, and guilt-free. These two superfood-healthy adapting creators believe strongly in choosing to be dairy-free while incorporating all your important nutrients and amino acids! And we will always make sure to give the option for gluten-free or grain/nut sensitive customers! 

Owners Led & Britney  

From our Customers:


"Yummy healthy bowls coming soon!" 


@vegan.360 shared picture post:

"Amazing lunch idea!! What is it? - Vegan egg scramble panini *Sautéed tofu with Harissa sauce *Red pepper *Garlic *Yellow onion *Placed on a ciabatta with Harissa mayo, avocado & Vegan mozzarella"


Silvia Busuioc on her Instagram:

"Keep cool and drink a lot. Thank you @realrawvegan I truly needed it to recharge under this #Californian #sun